Why Changing Locks is So Important for New Homeowners

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Why Changing Locks is So Important for New Homeowners

When you first buy or move into a new home, condo, townhome, or other dwelling, you’re no doubt excited, and a bit stressed. There’s a lot to do and a lot involved with closing the deal, moving, arranging utilities, and on and on. One of the most fundamental things that new homeowners should do, that often goes overlooked, is changing your locks.

At a minimum, all exterior door locks should be changed for your safety and security. It doesn’t need to be done the absolute second you move in, but within a few days at most is highly recommended. But why is this. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about why changing your locks and door lock replacement are so important.

The Real Estate Process Can Expose the Keys

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the process of selling a home can expose the keys. This is one of the biggest drivers for door lock replacement by new homeowners. Realtors typically gain access to the keys to a home via a coded lockbox. But there’s nothing preventing those keys from being copied or compromised.

While in some cases, sellers or realtors may take steps to replace keys and locks specifically for the purposes of selling the home, it’s not always easy to know for sure. And thieves and scammers often target houses that are for sale on the market as good marks to case for later robbery. Naturally, this can include trying to gain access to keys in lockboxes, making copies, and replacing the keys.

Then, they can sit and wait for someone to move in, hope they don’t change their locks, and stroll right in with a key. No smashing or grabbing, no loud noises screaming “burglary.”  And just like that, your money and valuables can be gone. And you can feel unsecure and violated in your new home. Why leave open questions when it comes to your security and safety.

You don’t want to become a victim of a thief, and don’t want copies of keys floating around out there from when your home was up for sale. Front door lock replacement or changing your locks on all exterior doors removes that ambiguity. So even if the keys were compromised during the sale or closing process, it doesn’t matter. And thieves won’t be able to use any ill-gotten keys to gain surreptitious access to your home.

Lock Replacement Removes the History of Past Owners’ Decisions

Similarly, if you don’t perform a lock replacement, you have no way of knowing who may have had access to keys in the past. Anyone could have made copies, or there could be “loose keys” sitting around out there in someone’s drawer they forgot about. You have no way of knowing what the previous owners of the home did, if they had roommates, if they have bad breakups and didn’t get keys back, if they lost keys and didn’t change their own locks, etc. etc.

You can’t know what their thoughts or approach to home security or access controls was. And even if you did, you don’t necessarily want to rely on someone else’s memory or past behaviors to know whether or not strangers have keys to your new home. That history, including any bad decisions they may have made with regards to lock and key management, don’t need to impact you in any way. Simple door locks replacement will wipe away that history and give you a safe and secure clean slate.

Door Locks Replacement is Low-Cost, Effective Security

Any local locksmith, residential locksmith service, or commercial locksmith will tell you the same thing: door locks replacement is one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to ensure your security. It’s some of the best money you can spend.

It doesn’t cost much at all for most front door lock replacement procedures, and any other additional exterior door locks replacement. But in exchange, you get peace of mind, and knowing that you – and only you and those whom you choose – have keyed access to your new home.

Accommodate Your Security, Key Quantity, and Other Needs

Changing your locks can have several other benefits as well. It’s a great chance to upgrade or change your security or door locks style to suit your particular needs. Maybe you want to add a deadbolt or a security system integration to your front door. No problem – take care of it all at once when you do a lock replacement after moving into your new home.

Need several copies of keys – one for your spouse, one for each child, and one for a neighbor or grandparent. Not a problem there either – you can get as many copies of the keys to your new door locks as you like. You’re the new homeowner after all – it’s up to you what you want to do, and who you want to allow unfettered access to your home.

Door Locks Replacement with a Residential Locksmith Service

Hopefully, you’re convinced that as a new homeowner, you need to get to changing your locks. But how do you do that. The easiest way is to contact a local locksmith or residential locksmith service. They’ll ask you a few questions, and schedule an appointment. They can offer you a number of different degrees of security options for your door locks replacement, provide value-added services like key duplication, security system integration, and much more.

In the Silver Spring area, local residents choose Carmeli Locksmiths for their door lock replacement needs, and all of their other lock and key needs as well. When you choose a trusted local locksmith like Carmeli Locksmiths, you get service, speed, and security that you can rely on. And, as a new homeowner, that’s the only kind of security you should accept.