When is Lock Replacement Necessary?

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When is Lock Replacement Necessary?

As a consumer, it can often be difficult to determine when lock replacement is necessary.  In some cases, you may be able to just get by with a lock fix or minor adjustment.

In other cases, for your safety, security, and peace of mind, lock replacement is the best choice.  Below, we’ll provide some information on lock replacement services and considerations, to help you have a better understanding of when it is necessary.

In all cases, if you are unsure of what to do, or need expert advice or help, you can always contact Silver Spring Locksmiths for quality professional advice and lock replacement or lock fix services.

Problems – Lock Fix and Repair

Oftentimes, homeowners or office managers can run into difficulty with keys and locks on their buildings, individual offices or rooms, and similar.

When there is a physical problem with a lock and/or key, it can often be fixed or repaired, without the need for full lock replacement.  Some examples of situations that can usually be remedied without a full replacement of existing locks include:

Lost or damaged key(s)
So long as one intact copy exists, it can be duplicated

Broken key or foreign object stuck in lock mechanism
Often these can be extracted

Lock no longer latching closed properly
A small adjustment to the lock or door usually fixes this problem, most often caused by building  settling, warping or thermal cycling of a door or frame, and/or seismic shifts to the structure

Broken or damaged door handle(s) or related mechanisms
Hardware is fairly easy to replace if the underlying lock is intact

In all of the above cases, a professional from Silver Spring Locksmiths can analyze the situation and provide you with options for a lock fix or repair, along with a cost estimate.

Problems – Lock Replacement

Sometimes, however, the situation is more serious, and the only good option is a lock replacement.  This is usually the only viable option to remedy lock problems in a number of cases, such as:

  • All keys to a lock are lost or damaged beyond repair or salvage
  • The lock and mechanical parts are physically damaged
  • A piece of broken-off key or other foreign object is stuck inside the lock and cannot be removed, even with expert tools
  • Electronic locks linked to a security system have failed internal electrical components or are non-functional beyond the point of practical repair

Of course, some of these problems and their severity may not be apparent until the lock in question has been reviewed by a professional.

Experts from Silver Spring Locksmiths can advise how bad the situation is, and whether a lock fix or lock replacement is the best option for repair.

Safety and Security – Lock Replacement

Finally, lock replacement is often the best course of action when it comes to safety and security concerns.  If you’ve lost a key, moved into a home or office that was previously owned by someone else, or similar, it’s always a good idea to replace the locks at the main external access points.

Likewise, if you had tenants, workers, or others with keys and access to a building, who are no longer welcome, but where the keys were not recovered or things ended badly, a lock replacement can provide the added peace-of-mind that your building is still secure.

The Good News – Lock Fixes and Lock Replacements

The good news in all of this is that both lock fix and lock replacement services are quite affordable. When in doubt, for safety and security, a lock replacement is usually the best choice.

But if you’re just in a jam, and your lock or key situation is problematic, a simple fix or repair might do. Carmeli Locksmiths can help assess the situation, and provide a professional opinion as to whether or not a lock fix or lock replacement is the best option.