Replacing Key Fobs

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Replacing Key Fobs

If you’ve bought a car in the last two decades or so, chances are you’ve received one or more key fobs as part of your purchase. Modern key fobs, either as standalone devices or with embedded metal keys, are quite common. They are, in essence, remotes for your car doors, and often include other buttons and features for security, opening the trunk, and so on. But, just like traditional metal keys, key fobs don’t last forever. At some point, you will need key fob replacement services.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the considerations around replacing key fobs for your car, whether you should go to a dealership or use an automotive locksmith, what technology or parts need to be replaced, and other factors that may influence the cost.

Check the Battery

First, one of the easiest fixes, that allow customers to entirely bypass the need for car key fob replacement, is to replace the batteries. Key fobs are electronics, and naturally that means they run on batteries. Over time (and use), those batteries can lose their charge, or ability to hold a charge. Replacing the battery can be handled by consumers in some cases, or may be best left to a dealer or automotive locksmith as there can often be more to it than just replacing the battery.

Some models and brands require specialized screwdrivers to access the batteries. Others require car remote key programming after changing out the batteries, in order to sync the remote to your specific car once again. Still, others use batteries that are extremely hard to find for the average consumer, even with the Internet to help.

Broken or Damaged Car Key Fob Replacement

If it’s not the battery, and your key fob still isn’t working, there could be any number of issues with it. Sometimes, the electronics inside can be defective or get damaged or broken over time. While small, automotive key fobs are fairly intricate devices, with lots of parts that can be points of failure. In these cases, replacing key fobs with new ones is the best bet.

They’ll come with new batteries, new keys (if embedded) for the car, and fresh electronics that should last for several years at a minimum. There are several ways to go about replacing key fobs, and several factors influencing costs, but generally, key fob replacement is something you can’t do on your own – it requires the services of a car dealership or automotive locksmith.

Key Fob Replacement – Car Dealership vs. Automotive Locksmith

Car dealerships are a natural place to turn for replacing key fobs for your car. However, like many aspects of products and services for your car, they can also be an expensive option. If you’re already having your car serviced or addressing a problem, then choosing a dealership for your key fob replacement makes sense. But if your only problem is a faulty, broken, or non-responsive key fob, then an automotive locksmith is a better choice.

High-quality automotive locksmiths have the expertise, equipment, and experience to replace most any kind of key fob or car key devices that are on the market today, and usually do so for a fraction of the cost of a dealer. What’s more, many have mobile services that can come to you at your current location – dealerships can’t match that. Carmeli Locksmiths is one such automotive locksmith company, offering full key fob replacement services in the greater Silver Spring area.

Car Remote Key Programming/Reprogramming Needs

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the physical replacement of the key fobs and any embedded keys, there is often an element of car remote key programming that has to happen. Naturally, there are a large number of cars out there of the same make and model, so measures have to be taken to securely link a certain fob or pair of fobs to a specific vehicle.

The difficulty, time, and tools involved in that task can vary considerably from brand to brand. But a trained automotive locksmith, like those from Carmeli Locksmiths, will know how to do it quickly and easily. And often for a lower price than a dealership will charge.

So whether you need Honda Key Fob Programming, Honda Key Fob Replacement, Ford Key Fob Programming, Ford Key Fob Replacement, Nissan Key Fob Programming, Nissan Key Fob Replacement, Toyota Key Fob Programming, Toyota Key Fob Replacement, or similar services for almost any other common vehicle manufacturers, turn to an automotive locksmith to save time, money, and hassle.

Key Fob Replacement Costs 

Of course, the bottom line is important – cost. Car key fob replacement and car remote key programming can be somewhat more expensive than replacing a traditional, simple metal key. This is to be expected – there are electronics, a battery, programming and syncing work, and other steps and materials involved, compared to cutting a simple metal key only.

But, when you choose an automotive locksmith to do the work, you’ll usually get a better price than at a dealership. The final cost of the service and parts for replacing key fobs will depend on several factors, including:

  • The availability of key fob replacement blanks for your particular make and model of vehicle. Exotic imports or sports cars are often harder to come by, and have a higher price range for replacing key fobs as well.
  • Number of key fobs being replaced.
  • The level of car remote key programming that is needed for your particular vehicle, and how much time/equipment/etc. that takes to complete.
  • The type of fob being replaced – standalone electronics are often cheaper to replace than those with embedded keys. Key fob replacement for electronics with many advanced features can also be more costly, since that means more components in the key fob, and a higher cost of manufacturing.
  • Regional variations in the price of goods and services.
  • Speed, travel, and service fees.
  • Warranties or guarantees that are offered on the key fob replacement

No matter what your individual circumstances and needs may be, key fob replacement doesn’t have to be a big hassle, big problem, or a big expense. Just contact a high-quality automotive locksmith like Carmeli Locksmiths for service, and you’ll get your car key fob replacement needs addressed quickly, professionally, and affordably. Vroom vroom!