Have You Considered Using Deadbolt Locks?

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Have You Considered Using Deadbolt Locks?

There are many different types of door locks in use today. They vary in their complexity and the security they offer considerably. Some door locks are intended to be primary security features, such as those meant for exterior doors on homes or offices. Others are more “privacy” style locks that can easily be defeated by even the most amateur thief or burglar.

What kind of door lock is ideal for you will depend on a number of factors. However, experts such as local locksmiths suggest that home and business owners choose a deadbolt lock for their exterior doors.

What is a Deadbolt Lock and How Does It Work?

One of the most common types of locking mechanisms is known as a spring bolt lock. This kind of door lock is used on a lot of interior doors in many of the homes and offices around the world. A small spring holds the bolt in the door jamb. Pressure against that spring retracts the bolt.

Normally, this pressure comes from inserting the key into the lock, and turning the tumbler, but there are somewhat easy ways to defeat this as well. For exterior doors, a spring bolt lock just isn’t sufficient protection. A deadbolt lock, on the other hand, overcomes these limitations of a spring bolt lock, without adding too much by way of additional cost or mechanics.

A deadbolt lock uses a bolt mechanism that can only be retracted by the turning of the key. This means it can’t be pressure-forced open the way a spring bolt lock can. You’ll often see this kind of lock setup on many exterior doors, with a doorknob-based spring bolt lock below, and then a separate, deadbolt lock mechanism a bit above that. But even a single deadbolt lock is better than a single spring bolt lock in terms of how secure it makes the door.

Other Variations on Deadbolt Locks

In addition to pairing deadbolt locks with sprin- bolt locks, there are other variations on deadbolt locks themselves that can add even more security. These are less common, but they seek to leverage redundancy for added safety. Specifically, double deadbolt locks (sometimes called reinforced deadbolt locks) utilize two separate deadbolts in the door in order to improve resiliency and security.

One is accessed from the outside like a traditional deadbolt lock. But then you also have another on the inside that can be secured either via key or via a manual turning mechanism. Usually, the second deadbolt for the inside will be placed some distance away along the door relative to the first deadbolt, so that they provide engineered reinforcement against brute-force attempts to break down the door.

Some deadbolt locks accomplish a similar task through a different geometry or layout, with the bolts going into the top of the door frame, bottom of the door frame, or both.

The Advantages of Deadbolt Locks

The biggest and most obvious advantage to deadbolt locks is that they help increase home security or the security of whatever room or door they are installed on. They do this without the need for electronics or other costly hardware or additions. Deadbolt locks resist brute force attempts to open the door with things like screwdrivers, hammers, or crowbars. They also prevent the opening of a door simply by lock picking the tumbler.

Multiple different keys (such as one for a traditional doorknob spring bolt lock and a separate key for a deadbolt lock) can be used for added security, or a single key for both styles of lock for convenience, depending on your security preferences. No lock alone is going to stop a really determined thief, but deadbolt locks make it a lot harder to break in, and provide the psychological and motivational advantage to deter burglary or other unauthorized entry attempts simply because they are much harder to defeat than traditional spring bolt locks.

And, you can generally get a deadbolt lock installed in place of an existing spring bolt lock, with relatively little (if any) cutting or adjustment to the door or hardware, as part of a lock replacement.

Deadbolt Lock Replacement with a Local Locksmith

Whether you’re getting new locks installed, want to upgrade and increase home security, or are simply looking for a lock replacement, the best place to start is by contacting your local locksmith. They can review your options with you, and recommend which doors receive deadbolt locks. They can walk you through the different advantages and costs of more elaborate deadbolt lock setups.

And, of course, they can perform all the necessary installation, setup, key duplication, and other tasks related to installing or replacing deadbolt locks (or any other kind of locks) in your home, office, or elsewhere.  In the Silver Spring area, when you need a local locksmith, turn to the trusted experts at Carmeli Locksmiths. Carmeli Locksmiths offer a full range of deadbolt lock replacement and deadbolt lock installation options, to provide the right level of convenience, durability, and security that you need.