Changing Your Locks vs Rekeying

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Changing Your Locks vs Rekeying

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, there will likely come a time where you need to consider changing your locks or keys for security and safety purposes. This can be part of a normal refresh of your security policy in a business setting, after high employee turnover, or so forth.

For residential customers, lock replacement or rekey is advised when you first move into a home, following a break-in or key loss, or if you have a roommate move out and don’t get the key back.

There are several options here, though, including outright changing your locks or professional rekey services. We’ll explore both of these options in more detail below.

Traditional Lock Replacement Services

When most people consult a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith, with the intent of lock replacement, they are usually talking about physical replacement of the door locks and hardware mechanisms.

Changing your locks usually involves removal of the existing locks, deadbolts, and other related lock system elements, and installation of a new system.

This is necessary when you are looking to change or modify the type of lock or security you are using. It’s also an easy solution to ensure that any prior duplication of keys by former owners, tenants, etc. cannot compromise your security. But it’s not the ONLY way to accomplish that goal.

Locksmith Key Replacement Services, AKA Rekeying

Locksmith key replacement services, also known as rekeying or a rekey, is another method for changing your locksIn rekeying, the duplication of keys problem is addressed, without necessitating a wholesale removal or replacement of the entire lock hardware.

Rather, a trained, professional residential locksmith or commercial locksmith will change out just the functional elements that determine whether or not the right “key” is in place in the lock. The pins and springs that (in most cases) make up the key tumbler or cylinder can be replaced, which renders old keys useless.

They can then provide duplication of keys for the new key, all the while leaving the hardware – deadbolts, security systems, push bars, etc. – untouched and intact, with no heavy renovation work.

Which Option is the Best?

Ultimately, the choice of rekey vs. lock replacement outright really rests with the consumer.  If you’re looking to upgrade or change your overall security method, or are installing a new door anyway, then lock replacement is really the ideal choice.

However, if you’re mostly concerned with access, and rendering old keys obsolete, then rekey services may be the more affordable, lower impact option.

Some locks may not be easily rekeyed depending on their mechanisms and the lock type, and necessitate changing your locks with lock replacement services, but when rekey is available, it’s usually the less expensive option.

Where Can I Get Professional Advice?

Of course, it’s not always easy for a homeowner or business owner to know whether or not their locks can be rekeyed or required lock replacement. Usually, however, locksmith key replacement services will advise consumers of their options, and the associated prices.

In our area, if you’re looking for a good Silver Spring Locksmith to provide professional advice, Carmeli Locksmiths come highly recommended. They have extensive experience with rekey and lock replacement, and serve as both residential locksmith and commercial locksmith experts.

Carmeli Locksmiths can advise whether or not your particular lock can be rekeyed, or requires lock replacement, and provide estimates and a walkthrough of the steps involved in each case. The ultimate goal is to provide consumers with safety, security, and peace-of-mind, without breaking the bank.